1) Determine what sort of stock you want to print the raffle tickets on. You may want to visit a local paper supply store like Staples, OfficeMax, etc unless you already have your own stock. Depending upon your needs, some people will use business card stock or label stock. Of course, you can always use dedicated tear-off ticket stock like this Avery product:


2) Launch Labelist. A new document will appear with a Template Chooser sheet. Choose Labels and then choose the exact stock you’re using (or click Custom to create your own custom stock). Once you have finished this step, the software will be in Design mode so you can design your ticket.

3) Choose Insert > Text Box to put a text box on your ticket. You can type some text in this box if you want.

4) Open the Fields Browser in the Browser Sidebar on the left side of the window

5) Select the "Misc" tab in the Fields Browser

6) Expand the "Counters" item in the list of miscellaneous fields

7) Drag the "Counter" field into the text box on the Design Canvas.

8) Switch to Preview mode

9) Choose "Other" from the Repeat button near the bottom of the window and enter the number of tickets that you wish to create.