Please read the following tips BEFORE trying to migrate:

  • TIP #1: In order to migrate your data from SOHO Notes to Notelife, you MUST be running SOHO Notes 9.3.7 and not an earlier version. If you’re not using SOHO Notes 9.3.7 and you try to migrate, you’ll receive an error message that says, “The managed object model version used to open the persistent store is incompatible with the one that was used to create the persistent store”. You can download 9.3.7 here:

  • TIP #2: When you migrate your data, you’ll be asked to locate the folder containing your SOHO Notes database, and not the database file itself. The actual database file wlll be disabled (grayed out). Locating and choosing this folder rather than the database is necessary because Notelife is a sandboxed application and macOS requires that you grant access to the entire folder so that all of the database-related files in the folder can be accessed.
  • TIP #3: The migration process requires that all notes in SOHO Notes be unencrypted first since Notelife will have no ability to decrypt them. So if you have encrypted notes, launch SOHO Notes and unencrypt all of them first.
  • TIP #4: The following fields will NOT migrate since Notelife doesn’t have an equivalent field: comments, labels, shortcuts, alarms, margin settings, and task/contact attachments.
  • TIP #5: Notelife doesn't have the notion of a "note type" so an "image note" in SOHO Notes will migrate over as a regular note in Notelife with an image attachment. Similarly, the contents of a "form" note in SOHO Notes will migrate over as a regular note in Notelife with the contents of the form converted to text and stored in the note body in Notelife.

After you've read the above tips, please do the following to migrate:

  1. Quit SOHO Notes
  2. Launch Notelife
  3. Choose File > Migrate SOHO Notes and follow the onscreen steps.