Migrating your notes from Evernote to Notelife is a straightforward process that involves simple exporting/importing. However, the conversion process is not totally seamless. Here's why:

  • Evernote stores its notes in HTML format while Notelife stores its notes in Rich Text format.
  • While macOS provides built-in conversion from HTML to Rich Text, differences between the two formats may result in some visual formatting changes.
  • The HTML format does not embed images and other files like PDFs in the HTML. Instead, such images and files are stored outside of the HTML and just linked to inside of the HTML. The Rich Text format, on the other hand, embeds images and other such attachments inside of the rich text and not as external attachments. The current migration process does not attempt to convert the external attachments and make them embedded. The attachments are simply ignored. This basically means that only the text content of Evernote notes is imported.

Follow the below steps to migrate your notes from Evernote to Notelife:

  1. Launch Evernote.
  2. Select all of the notes you wish to migrate.
  3. Choose File > Export Notes. The Export window will appear where you'll be asked if you want to export notes in the "Evernote XML Format" or as "HTML. Choose HTML and follow the onscreen prompts to save the notes in a convenient location like your desktop.
  4. Quit Everynote.
  5. Launch Notelife.
  6. Choose File > Import and follow the onscreen prompts to import the notes you just saved.

If Chronos finds that a sufficient number of customers want more seamless Evernote migration (like better image and attachment handling), we will investigate further to see if there are ways to improve the migration.