When a support representative responds to your question, you'll receive an email containing the answer to your question. This email will also contain a link you can click to view the support ticket containing your question in your web browser. The support ticket will show you the complete conversation you've had with the support representative. You can respond to the support representative by either a) replying to the email; or b) replying to the ticket in your web browser.

If don't receive an email response from the support representative, there are two things you can do:

1) Check Junk Mailbox or Spam Filter. There's a good chance that your Junk mailbox or spam filter has the email so check there first.

2) Access Your Ticket Directly. You can also log into your support account at any time to view your support ticket(s) and thus see if a support representative has responded. To log into your account, click the "Check ticket status" button.

IMPORTANT TIP: please do not ask the same question multiple times as this will slow down our ability to respond to you and everyone else (the system will also move you to the bottom of the queue).