iCloud support was added to SOHO Organizer starting in version 9.1.8. To get iCloud set up, please follow the below steps:

1) Launch SOHO Organizer

2) Choose SOHO Organizer > Preferences

3) Select Accounts

4) Click Add (+) to add a new account and choose either iCloud Calendars or iCloud Contacts

5) Enter your Apple ID and password.

You'll see your iCloud account show up in then current calendar view if you're setting up an iCloud calendar account or your contact card view if you're setting up an iCloud contacts account.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Please note that if you migrated a MobileMe account to iCloud, iCloud will will create two (2) iCloud calendars for each MobileMe calendar that contained both events and tasks. So if you had, for example, a "Work" calendar that contained both events and tasks, you'll now have two (2) "Work" calendars. One will contain only events. The other will contain only tasks. iCloud insists that events and tasks be stored in separate calendars. We believe Apple made this decision for efficiency reasons. In fact, iCloud calls a calendar that contains only tasks a "Reminder List" instead of a "calendar".

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: After setting up your iCloud calendar account, you may see duplicate events on your calendar. If you look closely at a pair of duplicate events by opening each, you'll see that each belongs to a different calendar. One of the events will belong to a calendar that's stored locally on your computer. The second event will belong to an iCloud calendar by the same name. This happens because the MobileMe to iCloud conversion process that Apple does creates a copy of your local calendar on iCloud so that your local calendar is available in the cloud (so your iPhone, iPad, and other computers can also access it). The choice is now yours as to whether you want the events stored locally or in the cloud. Simply delete the calendar you no longer need. If you delete the duplicate iCloud calendar, then you won't be able to access that calendar from other devices or computers.