SOHO Organizer relies on the Skype framework when dialing a phone number in SOHO Organizer. At the time of this writing the Skype framework only works in 32-bit applications. By default SOHO Organizer runs as a 64-bit application under Snow Leopard. In order to dial a phone number via Skype in SOHO Organizer, you will need to run SOHO Organizer as a 32-bit application. The following steps will show you how to do that:

1. Quit SOHO Organizer if it is running.

2. Select the SOHO Organizer application icon in the Finder.

3. Choose File > Get Info. This will open the Get Info window.

4. Enable the option "Open in 32 Bit Mode".

5. Close the Get Info window.

6. Launch SOHO Organizer.

At this point SOHO Organizer will be running in 32-bit mode and you will be able to dial phone numbers via Skype.

We would encourage you to contact Skype and kindly request they make a 64-bit compatible version of their framework for Mac.