iCalendar (.ics) files can be saved using different file encodings. This can make importing iCalendar files a little tricky. The below information is meant to help in this regard.

1) SOHO Organizer only exports iCalendar files using the UTF-8 encoding.

2) SOHO Organizer only imports and exports iCalendar version 2.0 files. Earlier formats are not supported.

3) SOHO Organizer expects iCalendar files to have a ".ics" file extension when importing.

4) SOHO Organizer can import an iCalendar file saved in almost any encoding and will actually ask you what encoding it should use when importing the file. It has to ask you this question because not all iCalendar files have a BOM (Byte Order Mark) which is a two-byte identifier that uniquely identifies text files that are in Unicode format.

HELPFUL TIDBITS. The following tidbits of information have not been fully verified but we believe that they are accurate. This information can change at any time as other manufacturers update their products.

a) As best as we can tell, Apple's iCal exports using the UTF-8 encoding.