Your modem needs to be initialized before it can be used to dial out or receive calls. Practically all modern-day modems use what is known as the "Hayes command set". This command language is simple and basically consists of a string or sequence of commands placed together. The following is an example of simple command to reset your modem:


1) You should start your command sequence with "AT" which tells the modem that commands will follow. In the above example, the "AT" tells the modem to expect some commands and the "Z" command tells the modem to reset.

2) You can find lists of Hayes modem commands all over the Internet including this link:

3) While most modems understand Hayes commands, different modems can respond slightly differently to commands and modems sometimes have their own unique set of commands. You may need to contact your modem manufacturer to learn more about the commands your modem understands.

4) If you'll be using your modem to receive calls and wish to use incoming Caller ID information to show you who is calling, you'll need to tell your modem in the initialization command to watch for Caller ID information. The most common modem commands to enable Caller ID are:






5) You set the modem initialization command in the Dialing preference pane of SOHO Organizer. If you find that the default initialization command doesn't work, you can try the following to turn on Caller ID notification:






6) If you have a USRobotics USB modem or an Apple USB modem try: