1) When SOHO Organizer 7.x first launches it will convert your SOHO Organizer 6.x database to the latest format. This database will no longer be able to work with SOHO Organizer 6.x. However, before SOHO Organizer 7.x converts the database it will automatically create a backup of your database and save it in the following directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Chronos/Previous Version Backups/

Locate this backup and move it to your Desktop so you know where it is.

2) Run the "SOHO Organizer Uninstaller" located in the following directory:

/Applications/SOHO Series/

3) Open the following directory:


4) Select the file Chronos_yourusername.db and choose File > Compress "Chronos_yourusername.db". This will create a zip file of your database. Move the zip file to a different location. Then delete the file Chronos_yourusername.db.

5) Restart your computer. 

6) Run the SOHO Organizer 6.5.4 installer and follow all the prompts. You can download a SOHO Organizer 6.5.4 installer from the following URL:


5) Launch SOHO Organizer 6.x. It will automatically create a new database.

6) Choose File > Restore Database > From a File. You will be prompted to locate your SOHO Organizer 6.x database which should be conveniently located on your Desktop as per step 1. Your backup will be restored and all of your previous SOHO Organizer 6.x data will appear.