This message is usually a result of the OpenBase software not running on your computer. SOHO Organizer uses a commercial database system called OpenBase to store its notes in. To resolve this problem do the following steps:

1. Open the following directory:


2. Drag the Chronos_yourusername file and any other files to the Desktop.

3. Download the SOHO Organizer 6.x installer.

4. Run the installer and choose to Uninstall SOHO Organizer and OpenBase (choose Uninstall from the Easy Install pop-up menu).

5. Run the installer again and install SOHO Organizer. This will install OpenBase and its files in the correct locations.

6. Open the following directory:


7. Drag the Chronos_yourusername file and any other files from the Desktop to the Databases folder.

8. Download and run the "Fix Database Permissions" installer from the following URL:

9. Restart your computer.

10. Launch the OpenBase Manager application (/Applications/OpenBase).

11. Click the Local button and select the Chronos_yourusername database in the list.

12. Choose Action > Start Database.

13. Launch SOHO Organizer.