I successfully installed a bookmarklet in Firefox. However, when I select the bookmarklet in Firefox to bookmark or archive the web page, hundreds of empty tabs are created in Firefox. How do I fix this? This happens when the application used to open content of type "sohonotes" is set incorrectly in Firefox. You can fix this situation by doing the following:

1) Launch Firefox

2) Choose Firefox > Preferences

3) Select the "Applications" preference pane. You'll see a list of different types of content and the corresponding application that handles each type of content.

4) Type "sohonotes" into the Search field. You'll see the "sohonotes" content type listed and selected.

5) Choose "Use other" from the pop-up menu in the Action column. You'll be prompted to find and select your current copy of SOHO Notes.

6) Find and select your current SOHO Notes application

7) Close the preference window

Your bookmarklets will now work correctly.