To convert your SOHO Notes 7.x data to SOHO Notes 8: 

Before you convert your notes, you should always make a backup of your database first. Follow the steps below 

to back up your notes and convert for use with SOHO Notes 8. 

1) Launch SOHO Notes 7.x. 

2) Choose File > Back up All Notes and save the backup to a safe location. 

3) Quit SOHO Notes 7.x. 

4) Install SOHO Notes 8. 

5) Launch SOHO Notes 8. The first time you launch SOHO Organizer 8, it will ask you if you want to convert your 

SOHO Organizer 7.x database to the new database format. Follow the onscreen instructions. The conversion 

process uses a built-in application called SOHO Migration Assistant that you may see in your Dock. 

6) Choose File > Migrate from Version 7 at any time if you want to convert other version 7 databases to version 8. 

WARNING. If you’re also using SOHO Organizer by Chronos, you’ll need to upgrade to SOHO Organizer 8 to con- 

tinue using it after installing SOHO Notes 8 because it stores its contacts and calendars in the same database as 

your notes.

To convert data from even earlier versions of StickyBrain or SOHO Notes: 

1) Visit this article which contains detailed instructions on converting from earlier Chronos products.