1) Launch SOHO Notes

2) Choose SOHO Notes > Preferences and click Blog. The Blog preference pane will open.

3) Click Add (+) to add a new blog account.

4) Double-click the account name to rename the account.

5) Enter a description like "My Family Blog" into the Description field.

6) Choose "Blogger" from the Blogging service menu.

7) Check/select the New Blogger Account button. It's important that this button be checked.

8) Enter the following URL into the Atom API URL field: http://www.blogger.com/home?pli=1

9) Enter the Google account username associated with the blog into the Username field. NOTE: it's important to enter just the Google account username and not the full Google email address.

10) Enter the password for your Google Blogger account.

11) Choose Basic from the Authentication menu.

You're now ready to post notes to this blog account. Simply do the following:

1) Select a note

2) Choose Note > Post To Blog. A Post to Blog window will appear.

3) Select your account from the Account menu

4) Select your blog from the Blog menu

5) Click Publish Post