Sometimes it is necessary to reset the sync data on your computer(s) and on your .Mac account. For example, if your .Mac syncing begins to behave oddly or information isn't synchronizing correctly then resetting the sync data is a good troubleshooting step. It's also sometimes a good idea to reset the sync data after Chronos releases updates to their software that have made improvements or enhancements to synchronization.


1) Quit all running applications.

2) Reset SyncServices by following the steps in the following Apple KB article (use the steps that involve the Terminal application): 

3) Restart your computer.

4) Launch SOHO Notes

5) Choose SOHO Notes > Preferences, and click the Sync button.

6) Enable Notes and Tags at a minimum.

7) Repeat these steps on each computer.


1) Move to your first computer. This should be your machine that has your correct contacts, calendars, and notes data

2) Open the .Mac System Preference Pane and click the Sync tab.

3) Click the Advanced button.

4) Unregister each computer lists. If a computer does not unregister then try it again.

5) Click Done. When asked choose to delete the Notes and Tags on .Mac (these may be displayed as com.chronos.notes com.chronos.sohokeywords).

4) Enable the option "Synchronize with .Mac" and then enable SOHO Notes and SOHO Tags and any other items in the list.

5) Click the Advanced button.

6) Click the "Reset Sync Data" button. 

7) From the Replace pop-up menu, choose the information you want to reset, such as Notes, Tags, or all data.

8) Choose the option to replace All Sync Info on .Mac with sync info from this computer.

9) Click Replace. This will copy the information from your computer to your .Mac account, replacing the information on .Mac with the information from your computer.


1) Move to your next computer

2) Open the .Mac System Preference Pane

3)  Enable the option "Synchronize with .Mac" and then enable SOHO Notes and SOHO Tags and any other items in the list.

4) Click the Sync Now button. Your computer will begin to synchronize with .Mac. You may be asked if you would like to merge or replace certain kinds of data. Unless you have a good reason to merge, you should choose the replace option which ensures that the latest data on .Mac overwrites the data on your computer.

At this point, all your computers should be synchronized.