Chronos would like you to know that it will continue to offer and support its Palm conduit for a limited time only. We are in the process of transitioning our Palm syncing to the Missing Sync™ software by Mark/Space. This move will offer our users big advantages like the ability to also sync their notes to other devices like the Black Berry, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and more. At this time, we're unable to predict exactly when this transition will occur but we expect it to happen before the end of 2007.

As many of you know, Palm Inc.'s support for the Mac OS X platform has been virtually non-existent for years. This has made it increasingly difficult for developers like Chronos to successfully write and debug synchronization conduits. It's also becoming increasingly unclear as to whether some of the tools we use for conduit development will continue to work under Apple's forthcoming Mac OS X Leopard. We thus can no longer guarantee how long we'll be able to support our conduit and want our new SOHO Organizer 6 users to understand this situation upfront.