All the clip art, ready-made designs, shapes, etc. are stored in a folder called “Chronos”. When SOHO Business Cards opens it reads in the contents of the “Chronos” folder. The Chronos folder gets installed in one of the following directories depending on what you choose during the install:

/Library/Application Support/Chronos


~/Library/Application Support/Chronos

Where “~” denotes your home directory. The SOHO Business Cards installer asks you if you want the clip art, ready-made designs, etc. available for all users of the computer or for you only. Depending on what you choose will determine which Application Support folder the Chronos folder gets installed in.

The problem comes when you choose “Me Only” in the demo installer and then later you choose “All Users” in the installer that comes on the CD, or vice versa. When this situation occurs a Chronos folder is installed into both Application Support folders. When SOHO Business Cards is launched it does not know which Chronos folder to use.

To solve this situation you will need to remove one of the Chronos folders from one of the Application Support folders. You will probably want to remove the Chronos folder that contains the demo clip art, ready-made designs, etc. This can be accomplished by doing a Get Info on both Chronos folders and seeing which one is smaller in size.