SOHO Labels & Envelopes 1.x the masks were located in the Graphics drawer. Since a mask is basically an effect that you apply to a graphic object they were moved in with the other effects that can be applied to graphics. The following steps will show you how to apply a mask to a graphic:

1) Select the graphic. 

2) Choose View > Show Tools > Effects. 

3) Choose Mask from the Effects pop-up menu. 

4) Choose a mask shape from the Shape pop-up menu. 

5) Click and drag the bull’s-eye icon on the graphic object to the part you want masked. 

6) Adjust the size and softness of the mask. 

7) Click the Reverse button to invert the mask. 

8) Click the Rotate button to rotate the mask. 

9) Click the Add (+) button to add the effect to the graphic.