These instructions describe how to uninstall StickyBrain 4 and go back to StickyBrain 3.x. Simply follow the below steps:

1) Prior to installing StickyBrain 4, you were asked to make a backup of your StickyBrain 3.x database. Locate this backup and move it to your Desktop so you know where it is. If you didn't make a backup of your StickyBrain 3.x database, StickyBrain 4 made one for you. It is located at the following path:

~/Library/Application Support/Chronos/Previous Version Backups/

2) Run the StickyBrain 4 installer and choose "Uninstall" from the pop-up menu that shows "Easy Install" by default.

3) Click Uninstall to uninstall StickyBrain 4. WARNING: This will uninstall all the component parts of StickyBrain 4. It will also delete any notes, contacts, and calendars in your current StickyBrain 4 database. Uninstalling also uninstalls the OpenBase database engine so all OpenBase databases will also be deleted which could affect other products that might be using OpenBase.

4) Run the StickyBrain 3.x installer and follow all the prompts. It will eventually ask you to restart your computer.

5) Launch StickyBrain 3.x after your computer has restarted. It will automatically create a new database with the default 39 notes.

6) Choose File > Restore All Notes. You will be prompted to locate your StickyBrain 3.x database which should be conveniently located on your Desktop as per step 1. Your backup will be restored and all of your previous StickyBrain 3.x notes will appear.