StickyBrain 3 comes with a special application called StickyBrain2 Converter which converts StickyBrain 2 files to the new database format. StickyBrain 3 automatically launches the StickyBrain2 Converter application when you import your StickyBrain 2 data file. The StickyBrain2 Converter application may hang on a particular note in the StickyBrain 2 file, can't open or find the StickyBrain 2 file, or be interrupted by another application. The following is a list of steps to solve most importing problems. It's suggested that you restart your computer before doing these steps:

1. Launch StickyBrain 2 to verify that your data file opens and you have access to all of your notes. If StickyBrain 2 can't open your data file neither will StickyBrain 3. If this is the case, contact the support department via email and let them know of any error messages you received or what happened when you launched StickyBrain 2.

2. Quit all running applications, including StickyBrain 2. 

3. Launch StickyBrain 3. To verify StickyBrain 3 is configured properly create and save a note (File > New Note). This will confirm StickyBrain 3 is configured properly.

4. Choose File > Import Notes, and select "My StickyBrain 2 File" then click Ok.

5. Click Import to begin the importing process.

6. During the importing process do not switch or launch any other applications. 

The StickyBrain2 Converter will first convert the categories and then it will start converting the notes. The progress window will show you what category or note is currently being converted. If the import process hangs on a particular note see the section below titled "Note Problems". 

Note Problems

There may be something in a note that causes the StickyBrain2 Converter application to hang. The progress window will show you the title of the note that it was not able to convert. Quit StickyBrain 3 and launch StickyBrain 2 and search for the note that hung the StickyBrain2 Converter. Copy the contents of the note into another application such as TexEdit and then delete the note. Repeat the above steps to convert your StickyBrain 2 file. You first may want to delete the notes StickyBrain 3 did convert so you don't get duplicate notes.