Both of these issues are the same. If StickyBrain is set to launch on startup it will sometimes not be able to read the default data file (ALL of the information is still in the data file). The following steps will resolve this issue:

1. Move the StickyBrain File 2 from the StickyBrain folder in the Documents folder to the Desktop.

2. Launch StickyBrain. This will create a new StickyBrain File.

3. Select 'Import' from the File menu.

4. Choose StickyBrain File.

5. Locate and select the StickyBrain File 2 on the Desktop.

6. Click the 'Open' button. This will import your old stickies into the new StickyBrain file.

7. Remove StickyBrain from the Login/Startup Items list. In 10.3 this is found in the System Preferences under Accounts. In 10.2 this is found in System Preferences under Login Items.