The following is a report from a customer. Chronos has not been able to personally confirm this report because we don't own "Typinator", but we suspect it's accurate because Typinator likely modifies/overrides the system clipboard to perform its functionality. The customer wrote (reworded for clarity/brevity),

"I can copy content to the clipboard, but I can only paste the last clipping in my iClipboard history to other applications. It doesn't matter if I click on the Paste button for a clipping or double-click the clipping, only the last clipping will paste. The only way to paste clippings is to drag them from the Shelf to the intended application. After much testing, I finally discovered that if I turn OFF Typinator pasting works again."

CHRONOS COMMENT: When you paste a clipping from iClipboard, the iClipboard application puts the clipping on the system-wide clipboard and issues a Command-V key press to paste the clipping into the other application. If another clipboard utility is watching for changes to the system clipboard and modifies the system clipboard in real-time, then that utility will interfere with iClipboard's pasting process. Unfortunately, there isn't an iClipboard workaround for this problem. You should contact the manufacturer of any such utilities and see if they can change their utility to not modify or delete new data on the system-wide clipboard in this type of situation.