1) When you purchased iScrapbook, the main thing you were purchasing is the software itself. The iScrapbook application makes digital scrapbooking very easy and its power and ease-of-use are unmatched on both the Mac or Windows platforms.

2) When you first launch iScrapbook, it will install one sample iScrapKit that includes an alphabet, embellishments, papers, etc. You can use these items to create your own pages. The software will also install 14 page templates for 12x12 and 8.5x11 size pages. These are the pages you see when you create a new page. You can use one of these pages if you don't want to design your own from scratch. Plus, you can re-use any of the artwork on these pages to create your own pages.

3) The DVD also includes an installer that you can run called "Templates Installer". This installer will install 92 more pre-designed template pages for 12x12 and 8.5x11 sizes. Again, you can re-use any of the artwork on these pages to create your own pages or you can customize however you want.

4) The DVD also includes a folder called "FREE iScrapKits". You can open this folder, select ALL of the iScrapKits, and then drag the selected iScrapKits to the iScrapbook application in the Dock to install these iScrapKits. After installing these FREE iScrapKits, you'll have a total of 26 iScrapKits that you can use to create your own scrapbook pages. These 26 iScrapKits contain a lot of artwork. In fact, they contain:

334 Alphabet letters

374 Embellishments

3 Frames

328 Papers

195 Stamps

42 Word arts


1276 Total graphics

5) If you add up the disk space of all the included page templates and iScrapKit graphics, you'll see that the software comes with 1,031 MB (or 1 GB) of graphics. That's 2 CD's worth of high-resolution artwork.

6) We include a lot of artwork to help get you started and provide you with some fun essentials. Licensing artwork is very expensive since it is very time-consuming for artists to create. Plus, as you can see, it takes a lot of disc space. We want to keep the price of the software reasonable, so we hope we've struck a good balance here.

7) Artwork is also very subjective. What one person likes, another person may dislike. Choosing and purchasing artwork that you like is a very satisfying and fun experience. The iScrapbook.com store make purchasing high-quality artwork from artists all over the world fun, easy, and affordable. Plus, it's the only digital artwork that is searchable.