There are three main steps to this process:

1. Locate your data file.

2. Make a backup of the data file.

3. Convert the data file.

Locate your data file: 

All your calendar/contact information is stored in a data file. When you first launched Consultant you gave the data file a name and you specified where it should be saved. Because of this information we can’t tell you exactly where your file is or the name of it. We can only offer suggestions to help you find it. A Consultant data file icon has the top right hand corner folded over with a pencil,clock, and telephone inside the icon.

The first thing you can do is find out what the name of your file is. Launch Consultant and select “New Appointment” from the Calendar menu. This will open the Activity Window. Click on the “Source” button. This will list the name of your file along with the name of the user account in the file, which is probably “User”. With this information you can search your hard drive for the location of the file.

The second thing you can do is search your hard drive using the creator code and file type of Consultant data files. The creator code of a Consultant file is “JHRM” and the file type is “DOK1” both without the quotes. By using these search parameters you will be able to locate every Consultant data file on your hard drive. 

Make a backup of the data file:

Before you begin the converting process you will want to make a backup of your data file. This way if something goes wrong you will still have access to a working copy of your data. To make a backup of your file simply select it and then select “Duplicate” from the File menu. This will make a copy of your data file. Then place the copy in a secure location.

Convert the data file:

Depending on what version of Personal Organizer you would like to use will determine the number of times you need to convert the data file. For example, you want to convert your file to use with Personal Organizer 4.5.0. You would first need to convert the data file using Personal Organizer 3.0.8. Then you would need to convert the file from version 3.0.8 format to version 4.5.0 format. This entails installing Personal Organizer 3.0.8.

Each version of Personal Organizer has a file named “ReadMe!” in its folder. This ReadMe! file contains specific instructions on upgrading from the previous version. For example, the ReadMe! file for Personal Organizer 3.0.8 contains specific information on converting data files from Consultant 2.x. The ReadMe! file for Personal Organizer 4.5.0 contains instructions on upgrading from Personal Organizer 3.x.