As soon as you submit your order to us and you see the "Thank You" page with your order number, an email with your license number has already been sent to you. The same email also gets sent to us for our records. We have learned from experience that one of the below reasons explains in 99% of the cases why the email may not have been received:

a) your ISP flagged the email as spam 

b) your email client flagged the email as spam

c) the email address your entered on the purchase page was wrong

d) your email account is full (quota exceeded)

Check with your ISP and your local email client to see if the email was flagged as spam (look in your Junk mailbox). The "From" address will be and the subject of the email will be "Chronos Purchase - Order Number XXXX" where XXXX is your order number. If you're still not able to locate the email, please contact a support representative by submitting a support ticket.