Chronos charges for major upgrades to its products while minor updates are free. For example, it costs $25 to upgrade from SOHO Notes 8 to SOHO Notes 9 while SOHO Notes 9.3.2 is a free update for SOHO Notes 9 users. The typical major upgrade cycle for a Chronos product is 10 to 18 months. If a major upgrade is released within 60 days of your purchase, the upgrade charge is waived. Chronos reserves the right to change its upgrade policy at any time (the aforementioned policy has been in effect for over 15 years).

Purchasing an Upgrade

Where did you purchase your Chronos product?

Directly from Chronos. If you purchased a product directly from Chronos, your original purchase is already in our customer database. You are thus eligible and automatically qualified for special upgrade pricing. Simply visit our online Upgrade Store to purchase your upgrade.

A Retail Store. If you purchased a Chronos product from a retail store, you need to first register your purchase with Chronos. If you haven't already registered your purchase, then please follow the steps detailed in Registering Your Retail Purchase. Once you've registered your retail purchase, then visit our online Upgrade Store to purchase your upgrade.

The Mac App Store. If you purchased a Chronos product from the Mac App Store, then the App Store application built into Mac OS X will automatically alert you when a minor update is available. At this time, the Mac App Store does not support major upgrades, e.g. going from version 5 to version 6. Instead, Chronos will release major upgrades as a new product. This means you'll need to manually search for and purchase the new product in the App Store application. When Chronos releases a major new version in the App Store, it will price the new product at the reduced upgrade price for a limited time so that you can still get the same upgrade pricing available to everyone else. Be sure to register your Mac App Store purchase so you're notified of the special upgrade pricing.

Installing an Upgrade
If you've purchased an upgrade directly from Chronos, follow the below steps to upgrade:

1) When you purchase the upgrade, you'll receive an email receipt which contains your new Owner Name and License Key. Record your new license in a safe place.

2) Download and install the software by clicking the Download link for your Chronos product:


3) Launch the newly downloaded application. You'll be asked to enter your new Owner Name and License Key.

4) Delete the old application since you'll no longer need it. Deleting the old application will not delete any of your data associated with the application since it is stored elsewhere on your computer.