SOHO Organizer does not currently import contacts in a tab delimited or comma separated value (CSV) file format. Instead, SOHO Organizer imports contacts in the industry standard vCard format. SOHO Organizer supports this format because it's the most comprehensive way to exchange contact information. For example, the vCard format supports multi-value fields and field labels (data items not possible with tab/comma delimited files).

If you have a tab or comma delimited file of contacts that you need to get into SOHO Organizer, you can use Apple's Address Book application as a "go-between" to accomplish this. Here's how:

1) Launch Address Book

2) Choose File > Import and choose your tab or comma delimited. These contacts will be imported into Address Book.

3) Select the contacts you just imported if they're not already selected.

4) Choose File > Export > Export vCard and save the exported vCard file to your Desktop

5) Choose Edit > Delete Card(s) to delete the selected contacts

6) Quit Address Book

7) Launch SOHO Organizer

8) Choose View > Contact Card

9) Choose File > Import and select the vCard file on your Desktop

10) Follow the remaining onscreen steps to import the contacts in the vCard file