Sometimes a picture (or movie in this case) is worth a thousand words and is the easiest way to share your question/problem. OS X makes it easy to record a movie of your screen or a portion of your screen. Here's how:

1) Launch QuickTime Player (found in your Applications folder)

2) Choose File > New Screen Recording. A small Record window will appear on the screen.

3) Click the Record button in the Record window to start recording and then follow the onscreen instructions. The onscreen instructions will give you the option of recording the entire screen or just the portion of the screen that you drag.

4) Perform your steps in the Chronos product that demonstrate your question/problem.

5) When you're finished recording, click the Stop button in the Record window.

6) Choose File > Export. You'll be asked to give your movie a name; choose where to save it; and choose the format to save the movie in. Save the movie to your Desktop so you can find it easily. Choose a file format that results in a movie size that is less than 15 MB in size so you can attach it to your support ticket. You may have to try several different formats so you maximize the clarity of the movie while making sure the file is sufficiently small.

When you're done creating the movie, you can attach it to your reply to your support ticket. If the movie is too big to attach, you can upload it to a file sharing service like and then include a public URL to the movie in your support ticket response.