Labelist has a powerful feature called "Perfect Balance For Text". Perfect Balance For Text controls where in a text box the text appears. You can control both the horizontal and vertical positioning of the text. When you choose the horizontal position, you can choose from left-aligned, centered, and right-aligned. When you choose the vertical position, you can choose from top-aligned, centered, or bottom-aligned.

It's important to note that Perfect Balance for Text is different and completely separate from text justification. Text justification lets you specify if a body of text if text is left-justified, centered, or right-justified. This means you can have text that is left-justified and then use Perfect Balance For Text to center this left-justified text both horizontally and vertically in the text box.

Perfect Balance For Text is really useful for text boxes that contain fields since it's impossible to predict in advance how much or how little text will be in a text box after the fields are filled in with actual contact data. A good example is a mailing label that contains a person's name and address. You probably want the name and address lines to be left-justified so they're easy to read, but you can use Perfect Balance For Text to make sure that this left-justified body of text is centered on the label. This makes it so labels containing both long and short names/addresses always look good on the label.

Here's how to change the balance of text within its text box:

1) Select the text box

2) Open the "Typography" Smart Inspector

3) Click a horizontal and/or vertical balancing button