iClipboard should be fully-compatible with any application that correctly uses the system-wide clipboard. This means the application should use the legal APIs provided by Apple to developers in accordance with the rules outlined by Apple. It has come to our attention that there are some applications that either do not use the system-wide clipboard at all when copying/pasting data, or they don't properly follow Apple's rules for doing so. These applications are most-often cross-platform applications that run on multiple platforms like OS X, Windows, Unix, etc. Oftentimes these applications don't follow Mac-specific conventions for the system clipboard because they use one set of code for all platforms. The downside to this approach is that these applications sometimes do not play well with other applications including Apple's own applications. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to workaround this Mac-compatible deficiency in other applications. Our recommendation is that you contact the developer of the application and ask them to add the Mac-specific compatibility where it's missing.

Below is a list of applications that customers have brought to our attention that don't seem to work properly with iClipboard because they don't properly use the system-wide clipboard. We will update this list as we learn of others.

• Adobe Illustrator & InDesign CS6. Once you copy an object inside of Illustrator/InDesign, if you later copy some content like text outside of Illustrator/InDesign and then try and paste it inside of Illustrator/InDesign, it won't work. Copying content outside of Illustrator/InDesign and pasting it into Illustrator/InDesign will work correctly up until you copy content the first time in Illustrator/InDesign. This problem has been reported to Adobe by customers and has been discussed on their forums. Reported June 25, 2012. May be fixed in later versions of Illustrator/InDesign CS6 (this problem doesn't happen in CS3-CS5).

GIMP. This application seems to correctly copy data to the system-wide clipboard, but doesn't seem to correctly paste data that has been placed on the system-wide clipboard. Reported June 1, 2013. May be fixed in later versions of GIMP.

While we have tried very hard to make sure that iClipboard follows all of Apple's rules and conventions, it's definitely possible that an incompatibility is the fault of iClipboard. If you believe that iClipboard isn't playing nicely with an application, please let us know and we'll run some tests to try and figure out what's going on.