This will require erasing your NoteLife database, so if you have any notes that haven't been transferred to your Mac, you may want to email them to yourself first. 

  1. Empty the Trash folder in SOHO Notes.
  2. Merge any duplicate notes/folders in SOHO Notes. To do this, choose "Find Duplicates" from the File menu. 
  3. Erase your NoteLife database. To do this, navigate to the main folder view in NoteLife and click the "Settings" (gear) button in the toolbar and choose "App Settings". Then click the "Erase Database" button.
  4. Open the iPhone preferences in SOHO Notes and click the "+" button to create a new pairing with your iPhone and complete the pairing process.
  5. Reboot your iPhone. Hold down the power button for a few seconds until you see a slider that says "slide to power off". Power off your iPhone, then press the power button to restart it. Rebooting your iPhone typically frees up a lot of memory.
  6. Launch NoteLife on your iPhone.
  7. Check the folder list in the iPhone preferences window in SOHO Notes to confirm that all the folders you want to sync are checked off.
  8. Click the Synchronize button in the iPhone preferences window.